The eProtectKids CSAEM Hotline

Our aspiration to make the Internet a safe place for children led to the establishment of the eProtectKids CSAEM Hotline. In tripartite partnership with INHOPE, a global network of 47 Internet Hotlines, and the Department of Information and Communications Technology – Cybercrime Investigation and Coordination Center (DICT-CICC), the eProtectKids CSAEM Hotline receives reports of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Material (CSAEM) on the internet and take them down for good.

Recognizing that online sexual abuse of children is highly interrelated with all forms of sexual exploitation of children, the hotline will also receive reports of other forms of child sexual exploitation.

How it Works

  1. Internet user reports to the Hotline by filling out the form.
  2. An analyst from ECPAT verifies if the reported content is Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Material (CSAEM) based on national legislation.
  3. ECPAT forwards verified reports to INHOPE and law enforcement.
  4. If the CSAEM is hosted in another country, INHOPE immediately notifies its member hotline in the host country; the member hotline orders the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to take down the content in accordance with its country’s legislation.
  5. If the CSAEM is hosted in the Philippines, the DICT-CICC or another law enforcement body orders the local ISP to remove the content, and conducts further investigation whenever applicable.

Reporting Form (Please enter the necessary information below)

Report Form
Child Sexual Abuse Material

eProtectKids is a member of INHOPE, an international network of hotlines battling the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Materials (CSAEM) online and ensuring the protection and welfare of children through free, safe and anonymous reporting mechanism.  eProtectKids follows the INHOPE Code of Practice

If you have questions about a tip you have left, you can contact us via e-mail at